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Choosing the right business software can help the company grow by leaps and bounds. Business
software application can perform through word processing, payroll, inventory control and accounting
functions and a lot more. The software is basically responsible for managing the tasks of your entire
Use of the software is important for automation of the organization’s tasks as well as reporting the progress
or lags in the organization’s activities. This assists in elimination of human errors, improves company’s
efficiency and consistency, increasing the productivity and profits.
Business software has the potential and capability to improve customer service levels. Effective customer
service led to deliver greater productivity, increased customer satisfaction and generate long-term
revenues for a business.
We have come up with a list of some essential software applications for small and medium sized businesses.
A good number of companies are getting great benefits from our software solutions. By using from the
following list of Software Applications, you can expedite the development and growth of your company,
and “Wave Box” can assist you in selecting and developing them for your Company:
1. Sales & CRM Management
2. HR & Payroll Management
3. Inventory Control Management software
4. E-Courier Management Services
5. Accounting/Financial Management
6. Hotel & Restaurant Management
7. Hospital Management
8. Super Shop and Store Management
9. Digital Archive or Document Management
10. Project Management
11. Asset Management
12. Real Estate ERP software
13. VAT & Income Tax Management